How to Watch or Stream Super Bowl 2018 without cable

While you might not be a professional football fan, it’s difficult to not watch Super Bowl 2018. There are some who watch it for the actual game and others watch it strictly for the commercials. Last year, over 100 million people tuned in to watch commercials, the half-time show with Madonna and the game. However, with the cost of cable tv rising, people are no longer able to watch the big game in the comfort of their own home. People are beginning to cut the cord, when it comes to paying for cable television. However, there are ways to watch Super Bowl 2018. Even if you don’t have cable or satellite, you can still catch the biggest sporting event in American sports.

How to Watch Super Bowl 2018 live online?

Watch Super Bowl 2018

Date: Feb. 4, 2018
Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
Where: U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN
Stream: fuboTV (Try for free)
Announcers: Al Michaels (play-by-play), Cris Collinsworth (analyst), Michele Tafoya (sideline reporter)

Download An App
There are several apps that can be downloaded, so you can watch the big game on your device. NBC is trying to convince its viewers to watch the game through the NBC Sports App, but for some that’s not an option. Rest easy because there are other apps including Verizon’s Go90, Yahoo and the official NFL App will all stream the game for free, even if you’re not a paid subscriber. For those with Google Chromecast, you can stream the big game right to your big television, watching it without restricting yourself to a small tablet screen. The only problem you may encounter, is a slight delay in the stream. The commercials may also be changed because of sponsorship deals made with the various apps. NBC Sports app will be streamed on Amazon Fire, Roku, Android, Apple TV and other Smart TV’s.

Invest in a OTA Antenna
Super Bowl 2018 is being aired on NBC, which means if you can find a nice digital over-the-air antenna, you can receive a HD quality broadcast of the big game. Before you actually invest in the antenna, you can check a few websites online, that will determine whether you are in the covered area for the NBC station. Not all TV’s can pick up channels. You need a TV is capable of receiving digital signal, which became the standard in 2009. You could also just buy a digital converter box, which will boost your experience. If you’re crafty, you can even build your own antenna. You can usually find antennas that cost only $25 dollars. Not all antennas will work if you live in rural areas.

Signup for Streaming Service
Several streaming services have begun offering local programming with their product, including Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV. However, you first have to check and see if your local market carries the channels. Streaming viewership of the Super Bowl is expected to rise over what it was last year. Most of the streaming services offer seven day or 30 day trials, so you have time to watch the big game, without investing much money into and be able to cancel the membership if you didn’t like the service. However, if you use a streaming service, you may experience rebuffering and freezes, which can often get very annoying midway through the game.

Watch a live stream
Many people have begun streaming sporting events and tv shows online through services such as Twitch and YouTube. A Twitch user managed to stream a full UFC-pay-per-view, by acting like he was playing a video game. This method is not legal, but its probably the best place to go to find a high quality stream of Super Bowl 2018. Along with Twitch, you can sometimes find the big game being streamed on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Periscope and U Stream. DirectTV Now is offering a week long trial.

While not legal, you can find some streams that other countries are streaming, while not being subjected to tight copyright laws and with the increased numbers of people live streaming, it can make social media platforms like Facebook and Periscope hard to patrol. You can also search through Reddit and usually find a link to a questionable live stream of Super Bowl 2018.

Get out of the house
There are some people who can’t watch the game in a house that is empty and they prefer the noise of a large crowd. The safest bet would find a place that is showing Super Bowl 2018. Most likely every bar and restaurant that has cable TV will be streaming the game since it’s not a pay-per-view event. If you go to a bar or restaurant, you might discover some game day discounts that they offer patrons during the game. You may even know a friend that’s hosting a Super Bowl watch party.

Check out Twitter
People are constantly on Twitter, live tweeting almost every sporting event that has happened. People took to Twitter during the 2017 Super Bowl and were tweeting out game play stuff as well as random memes that were created because of certain things that happened during the game. While you don’t have actual footage to see, you can probably find someone live tweeting the game, every play every minute. Heck they might even mention what the commercials are. You can also read the game summary before heading to work on Monday, even if you miss Super Bowl 2018 altogether.

No matter where you are, there is a very good possibility that you can watch the game in some form, whether its through several different apps or NBC’s live stream, or even a user’s live stream on YouTube. However if you are a viewer living outside of the United States, it may be harder to find a way to watch it, but in the United Kingdom both BBC and Sky Sports will broadcast Super Bowl 2018. You may also consider buying NFL Game Pass, which allows you to watch the Super Bowl, even though you are outside the United States. Even though you don’t have cable, you can still find a service that will show you the game, some services will cost you a little money and others will not cost you a penny, it’s all up to how you want to watch Super Bowl 2018.

How to watch Super Bowl 2018 live stream Free Online

Super Bowl 2018 is only a month to go, the season is running and will announce head to head grand final game at anytime soon. Super Bowl is actually the most anticipated final football game for all football die-hard fans around the globe. Well, it’s not surprising that the atmosphere is heathen as the season going to its peaks. The tickets are hunted down across the countries and other millions are finding their own ways to watch the Super Bowl through their TV or other devices.

Super Bowl 2018 live stream Free

The Super Bowl 2018 is scheduled to play on Sunday, 4th February at US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Super Bowl 2018 will kick off at 8 PM Eastern Time from the Stadium. This the first time after more than a quarter century for Minneapolis hosting the Super Bowl. However, like other local citizen, people across the country and the world have to prepare for the upcoming tremendous Super Bowl 2018. This will be the 52nd Super Bowl has ever been held in the history.

Super Bowl 2018 live stream free online

Actually, there are many ways to watch Super Bowl 2018 live stream Free Online. The very first you can consider for watching Super Bowl 2018 is through NBC websites. NBC will exclusively broadcast the Super Bowl 2018 live from US Bank Stadium. NBC will cover the highlights, preview shows, and the Super Bowl live stream. As you got access to NBC then you’re on the right path of watching Super Bowl 2018 live stream free online. Furthermore, NBC has its own apps that support mobile experiences. In fact, other live stream providers are connected to the NBC Super Bowl 2018 live broadcasting which means they offer the exact same pictures.
The key is that you should have at least one of this following devices: PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tabs, or other mobile devices.

If you’re still on Cable TV, fortunately, you can live stream Super Bowl 2018 from your home. If you’re residing in the US, then you can stay tuned on FOX Sports Go. BBC iPlayer is for those who are residing in the United Kingdom. Australian can freely watch Super Bowl 2018 through the Channel 7. CTV is where Canadian can spectate Super Bowl 2018 live stream. However, you need to be aware on different time zone when the Super Bowl 2018 kicks off.

Super Bowl 2018 live online without cable

If you’re one of those who isn’t connected to the cable TV, you don’t have to worry, you can consider using paid services including fuboTV, DirectTV, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, OSN Play, Sky, BAZN, SuperSport, and so forth. However, there is no need to pay if you can watch Super Bowl live stream free online. As you’re connected to the internet, you’re basically eligible to watch Super Bowl. Check whether the vendor has their own apps that can be downloaded and installed from Microsoft marketplace, Google Play Store, or Apple Store. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using, the most important thing is that you have connected to the app’s server and confirmed a clear path to watch Super Bowl 2018.

Super Bowl 2018 Free Live Stream Online Out of the USA

If you cannot watch the Super Bowl from your devices, it might be because you’re residing in the area which has out of live streaming coverage. In such case, you can consider using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. The idea is to reach one of those channels through VPN services. For those who are not residing in the US or other three countries which has official Super Bowl coverage, you can reroute the internet link to avoid or overcome the content blocking. In fact, using the VPN might be the best solution as you can manage your privacy so well as you’re watching the Super Bowl 2018.

However, many VPN services possess low and poor connection that can distort graphics of your live streaming. The buffering bar can occur during the Super Bowl and that is absolutely not good at all, it’s actually ridiculous as you’ve been waiting for the Super Bowl for a long time but have to watch in poor or retard quality in the end. Taking VPN can solution as you can manage those which can provide you fast and stable connection as Super Bowl will be mostly broadcasted in High Definition you can check HideMyAss or IPVanish. It’s suggested to test your connection in the busiest time for trial and error before the date Super Bowl 2018 as the internet traffic will go mad at that time.

What channel is the 2018 Super Bowl on? Live stream, TV info

The grand final game of NFL regular season titled Super Bowl is going to be played within a month. The popularity and euphoria of American Football have been spread over worldwide even though this sports tournament is held in the United States. We don’t know yet which team will meet head to head to win the champion title, but the date and venue have been fixed. It’s very important for you nothing them down.

super bowl lii tv broadcasting

Last year’s Super Bowl 51 has shown tremendous comebacks in NFL history as The New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons. Indeed, Super Bowl always gives surprises and provides climax experience of the season itself. There is no doubt that the Super Bowl is the most anticipated sporting game event across the country. That’s why for those who are not planning to buy tickets, they certainly need to know the ways how they can watch the Super Bowl on their own. If you’re looking for information about Super Bowl live stream and TV info, this article is for you.

The Super Bowl 2018 will be played on this Sunday, 4th February 2018 in the tremendous US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you’re going to watch the Super Bowl through television you need an access to certain channels.

TV Channels Broadcasting Super Bowl 2018 (Worldwide)

Country (Channels)
United States NBC
International Broadcasting NFL Game pass (paid service)
Canada CTV, CTV 2, TSN (official broadcast holders in Canada)
United Kingdom BBC, Sky Sports
Australia Seven Network, Fox Tel
Mexico Televisa
New Zealand SKY TV (paid subscription)
Germany (SAT 1) German language
Nethelands Fox Sports 2 (paid), Fox HD (Free-air)
Czech Republic Sport2
Switzerland SAT 1 (German coverage)
Austria Puls 4, Channel 4
Italy  Italia (Free-air coverage), FOX HD (paid subscription)
Spain Canal+
France W9
Middle-East OSN Network
Africa Countries Super sport, Star Times
South American Countries Televisa
Brazil ESPN Deportes
Caribbean Countries Fox Sports, ESPN Deportes, NBC
Ireland Sky Sports
India Sony Ten, Sony Six

How to watch Super Bowl 2018 live stream online

Other ways you can watch Super Bowl 2018 live from your TV is through HDTV antennas like Mohu, Antennas Direct, or Amazon. Actually, this the best way to watch Super Bowl 2018 on Tv as it has High Definition graphic instead of poor graphics. However, you need to ensure broadcasting channel is included in your antenna’s local coverage.NBC will exclusively broadcast the Super Bowl 2018 live from US Bank Stadium. If you’re using a digital antenna on your TV, there you can access Super Bowl 2018 live. So far, those digital antennas should provide access to NBC in an easy way. However, if you don’t have TV cable or simply don’t pay TV, then you can consider going without cable by watching Super Bowl 52 without cable or live stream.

Paid TV services including DirectTV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Roku Players, and many others are simply eligible for watching Super Bowl. They offer premium services included in various packages. The Paid TV is suggested for you who’re interested in complete or on-demand features and more personalized experiences for watching Super Bowl on the big screen. However, it’s very important to take a proper knowledge through their official sites before purchasing any packages. If you’re already subscribed to a certain paid TV, make sure the package doesn’t include the Super Bowl before you make other purchases from other vendors.

Going mobile is actually the most comfortable way watching Super Bowl without cable. In fact, there are tens apps can be download and installed on your Smartphone from Microsoft Marketplace, Google Play Store, or Apple Store. So, if you have handled devices, tabs, gadgets that possess Windows, iOS, or Android platform then you’re eligible to watch Super Bowl mobile. There are several recommended app that brings a powerful experience of watching Super Bowl 52 including NFL Mobile, NFL Now App, Fox Sports Go and so forth. Each of vendors requires a subscription to different services and prices. Another way is by utilizing your game consoles to watch Super Bowl 52 as they support access to Fox Sports Go and Sling TV.

Even though it’s not clear yet, it’s possible that social media officials like Facebook or Youtube can be another way you can watch Super Bowl 52, stay tuned for further information. However, it’s better to not solely relying your watching on this way, as it’s actually based on an independent initiative of certain streamers or officials to make it available. The Officials like NFL page tends to protect their sponsorship agreement, the availability of Super Bowl 52 live stream on their page is more a generous policy than a certainty. You can generate some links to get access Super Bowl live stream through Reddit. The subreddits which have big subscribers like r/nfl or r/nflstreams should provide credible access link to Super Bowl NFL grand final.

Those are several ways you can go through to watching NFL Super Bowl, make sure that you’ve made the clear access to it before the date.

Super Bowl 2018 Time, TV Schedule, and How to Watch Online

If you are not up to attend the venue of the Super Bowl 2018 or Commercially promoted as Super Bowl LII, then streaming the games online will be the best alternative to keep catching up with the upcoming NFL games without any problem.

Super Bowl 2018

No matter what your reasons, it can be that you can’t be at home at night, or you are not up to watch the game at the venue, Watching Super Bowl 2018 is definitely the best option so far. But before going further to the meat of the article, we are going to inform you first about the time of the game, TV schedule, as well as the location of the upcoming Super Bowl LII.

Super Bowl 2018

Here is everything you need to know about the Super Bowl 2018. This spectacle is set to happen on Sunday, February 4, 2018. The location of the event is at the US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota. NBC is the respective channel which has the full right to broadcast the big game.

Now for the most fun part. If you are subscribing to the respective official channel, your access to the live streaming is just one step ahead. You could just download the NBC Sports App & Amongst the abundant choices, you can choose to use the apps to catch up with the NFL games that you like, including the Super Bowl in the 2018 year. As usual, this big spectacle will involve the NFC champion and the AFC champion to conclude the league championship. This game is indeed a star for the Minneapolis citizens. The good fact is that it will be the second Super Bowl which happens in Minneapolis. The first one was hosted in 1992.

The spectacle will begin at 6:15 PM of Eastern TIme. Not to mention that this will also be the 19th Super Bowl which is broadcasted on the popular channel. Folks from around the world who happen to be subscribing to the service will have the privileged access to watch the Super Bowl 2018 for free. All you need to do is downloading the apps and install it on your compatible device. And VOILA, you will have the access to the NFL Games.

Super Bowl 2018 Halftime show

Are you ready for the other fun fact? The diehard fans of football can’t help but wait for the complete information about the match, teams, players. But amongst those variables, they can’t also omit the fact that the Halftime show will just do wonder in the spectacle. The Halftime show performers have been long debated by all the NFL football fans. The upcoming Super Bowl, apparently, also has the element of surprise. Justin Timberlake will headline the Super Bowl 2018 Halftime show. Timberlake had performed on this prestigious event back in 2001 as the member of NSYNC. He made his standalone stage performance in 2004 when the Super Bowl XXXVIII happened. Janet Jackson was his pair back then.

Apparently, 2004 is an unforgettable year for both singers. Timberlake performed “Rock Your Body” with his duo Janet Jackson and ended up with a dreadful moment. He accidentally pulled off Janette’s costume. Most football fans would probably still remember that the male singer revealed Jackson’s right breast. A million fans witnessed that embarrassing moment. And it took years until the names of the performers out of controversies. At that time, the FCC distracted the viewers by showcasing the five-second delays during the TV airing. It is a moment which Timberlake wants to get over with.

Super Bowl 52 will take place on the dome, a good option for the attendances. However, the weather outside is not so friendly for the viewers online.

How to Super Bowl 2018 Live Stream online

The good thing about live streaming is that you don’t have to own a high-end technology to enjoy the games online. All you need to prepare is the compatible device with the decent internet connection. You still have roughly 2 months before the show happens. Take your time to research the live streaming services available for your country. Keep in mind that a lot of services out there have clear restrictions about the area coverage. If your country or area is not covered, you could consider using VPN service to mask your IP. When you use the VPN service, the streaming provider will look you as from different area. Stick only to reputable and reliable VPN service. The last thing you want is to pay more than what you need.

Get Paid to Attend 2018 Super Bowl

Really? Can’t you believe it? Is that even possible? Well, the answer is obviously YES, it is possible. What can be better than you are able to watch the Super Bowl and you earn some legit money in the process?

super bowl 2018

For the 2018 Super Bowl, the stadium is hiring manpower to secure the dome and venue. So, the New Yorkers who want to attend at the venue can capitalize on Minnesota’s low unemployment rate. You can get paid to be at the 2018 Super Bowl. Even better, you can also work while watching the greatest spectacle in the US sporting industry for free!

It is true that the date is fast approaching. But it is still not too late to apply for the job there. You can choose to work at the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis. In the process, you will also be rewarded by the spectacular amusement of the Super Bowl 52.

Thanks to the low unemployment rate in Minnesota, the security firm which is responsible for the upcoming event does not have enough manpower. You can be the right candidate to fill the positions. Although the last day for interviews is December 18, you can still get the legit job to give you the access to the stadium on the game day.

Keep in mind that the game is set to happen on February 4, 2018, at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It will be the second Super Bowl happening in Minneapolis after 1992.
S.A.F.E. is the security firm which has been providing the security service for the Super Bowl for the past 14 years. The NFL focuses on hiring unarmed security guards who can perform crowd control, patrol, and many other security tasks and duties. The firm has opened the applications for a while but they indeed had some problems in hiring thanks to the low unemployment rate in Minnesota.

This is definitely a window of opportunity for you. The job fee is around $18 per hour for a day shift. For overnight shift, you will earn around $24 per hour. If hired, the employees will be directed to work based on the shifts.

The detailed background checks will be conducted by the employers. It has been an awesome opportunity for most folks to fill in the available positions. Many applicants are rushing through the application process to get a job on the spot. If you have this chance, you can rest assured that you will do your duties on the spot. That means you will also be able to view the Super Bowl 52 moments and its halftime show.

It is a Super Bowl. You will probably not say “No” to this offer. Besides the fee is promising, you will also witness the greatest football spectacle of the year. What can be better than that? You don’t have to own proficient experiences. The job vacancy accepts all folks with standard qualifications. Before starting to work in January, you will be participating in the 12 hours of training to make you more prepared.

The Season Finale – Super Bowl 52 and Its Halftime Show

Finally, we are going to witness the season finale of the NFL season. If you are looking up the kickoff time, TV channel, and the half-time show of the Super Bowl 52, then you have come to the right place.

Super Bowl 52 Halftime Show

Super Bowl, as usual, draws many viewers attention not only because its prestigious event which involves the best teams in the NFL this season. It also comes up with a lot of amusements for all the diehard football fans. It also presents the halftime show which is very prevalent for nowadays’ viewers.

This will happen at the US Bank Stadium. You need to know few things before witnessing the biggest event on the American Sporting calendar. The NFL season will just meet the end of the Super Bowl. If you have been following this spectacle for some time, you will realize that the rivalries which have been built for months have come to the conclusion.

The Super Bowl is certainly the grand finale that you don’t want to miss. It is the closure of the NFL season and admittedly the biggest event in the US sporting calendar. After holding the tough meetup jobs between the divisions, the prominent two teams finally get their places in the playoffs.

This year’s Super Bowl is set to take place at the fantastic US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, which has a dome to keep the cold at bay. Sunday will be the day of the truth. It is on February 4th, 2018. So, make sure you reserve your calendar so that you won’t miss this incredible spectacle. If you are residing in the UK, you could access the content through the BBC for free. BBC has won the bidding as the official broadcaster of the Super Bowl. You may need to contact your local provider to catch up with the game. If by chance, your area is limited from the service, you could make use of the VPN service to open the restriction.

The other interesting thing to consider is the halftime show. The upcoming Super Bowl will feature Justin Timberlake as the main performer of the halftime show. And we can expect that this time Justin will have such a fancy show. The thing is that last year’s performer had set high-standard of the quality of the attraction. Lady Gaga did a great job by performing her hits like Poker Face, Born This Way, and Bad Romance last year. This will, of course, give Justin Timberlake a challenge to present new interesting things for the viewers and the dome’s attendances.

Although folks cannot forget the infamous incident which involved Timberlake and Jackson in 2004, Timberlake is fully welcomed by the enthusiasts and the elements of the spectacles. Justin Timberlake has been trusted for the second-time since his latest show in 2004. Justin Timberlake did his own debut in Halftime show with an infamous incident in the Super Bowl 38. But it does not matter now. All folks want to watch their favorite singer in the prestigious US sporting event. You won’t regret to watch this.