Get Paid to Attend 2018 Super Bowl

Really? Can’t you believe it? Is that even possible? Well, the answer is obviously YES, it is possible. What can be better than you are able to watch the Super Bowl and you earn some legit money in the process?

super bowl 2018

For the 2018 Super Bowl, the stadium is hiring manpower to secure the dome and venue. So, the New Yorkers who want to attend at the venue can capitalize on Minnesota’s low unemployment rate. You can get paid to be at the 2018 Super Bowl. Even better, you can also work while watching the greatest spectacle in the US sporting industry for free!

It is true that the date is fast approaching. But it is still not too late to apply for the job there. You can choose to work at the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis. In the process, you will also be rewarded by the spectacular amusement of the Super Bowl 52.

Thanks to the low unemployment rate in Minnesota, the security firm which is responsible for the upcoming event does not have enough manpower. You can be the right candidate to fill the positions. Although the last day for interviews is December 18, you can still get the legit job to give you the access to the stadium on the game day.

Keep in mind that the game is set to happen on February 4, 2018, at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It will be the second Super Bowl happening in Minneapolis after 1992.
S.A.F.E. is the security firm which has been providing the security service for the Super Bowl for the past 14 years. The NFL focuses on hiring unarmed security guards who can perform crowd control, patrol, and many other security tasks and duties. The firm has opened the applications for a while but they indeed had some problems in hiring thanks to the low unemployment rate in Minnesota.

This is definitely a window of opportunity for you. The job fee is around $18 per hour for a day shift. For overnight shift, you will earn around $24 per hour. If hired, the employees will be directed to work based on the shifts.

The detailed background checks will be conducted by the employers. It has been an awesome opportunity for most folks to fill in the available positions. Many applicants are rushing through the application process to get a job on the spot. If you have this chance, you can rest assured that you will do your duties on the spot. That means you will also be able to view the Super Bowl 52 moments and its halftime show.

It is a Super Bowl. You will probably not say “No” to this offer. Besides the fee is promising, you will also witness the greatest football spectacle of the year. What can be better than that? You don’t have to own proficient experiences. The job vacancy accepts all folks with standard qualifications. Before starting to work in January, you will be participating in the 12 hours of training to make you more prepared.

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