Super Bowl 2018 Time, TV Schedule, and How to Watch Online

If you are not up to attend the venue of the Super Bowl 2018 or Commercially promoted as Super Bowl LII, then streaming the games online will be the best alternative to keep catching up with the upcoming NFL games without any problem.

Super Bowl 2018

No matter what your reasons, it can be that you can’t be at home at night, or you are not up to watch the game at the venue, Watching Super Bowl 2018 is definitely the best option so far. But before going further to the meat of the article, we are going to inform you first about the time of the game, TV schedule, as well as the location of the upcoming Super Bowl LII.

Super Bowl 2018

Here is everything you need to know about the Super Bowl 2018. This spectacle is set to happen on Sunday, February 4, 2018. The location of the event is at the US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota. NBC is the respective channel which has the full right to broadcast the big game.

Now for the most fun part. If you are subscribing to the respective official channel, your access to the live streaming is just one step ahead. You could just download the NBC Sports App & Amongst the abundant choices, you can choose to use the apps to catch up with the NFL games that you like, including the Super Bowl in the 2018 year. As usual, this big spectacle will involve the NFC champion and the AFC champion to conclude the league championship. This game is indeed a star for the Minneapolis citizens. The good fact is that it will be the second Super Bowl which happens in Minneapolis. The first one was hosted in 1992.

The spectacle will begin at 6:15 PM of Eastern TIme. Not to mention that this will also be the 19th Super Bowl which is broadcasted on the popular channel. Folks from around the world who happen to be subscribing to the service will have the privileged access to watch the Super Bowl 2018 for free. All you need to do is downloading the apps and install it on your compatible device. And VOILA, you will have the access to the NFL Games.

Super Bowl 2018 Halftime show

Are you ready for the other fun fact? The diehard fans of football can’t help but wait for the complete information about the match, teams, players. But amongst those variables, they can’t also omit the fact that the Halftime show will just do wonder in the spectacle. The Halftime show performers have been long debated by all the NFL football fans. The upcoming Super Bowl, apparently, also has the element of surprise. Justin Timberlake will headline the Super Bowl 2018 Halftime show. Timberlake had performed on this prestigious event back in 2001 as the member of NSYNC. He made his standalone stage performance in 2004 when the Super Bowl XXXVIII happened. Janet Jackson was his pair back then.

Apparently, 2004 is an unforgettable year for both singers. Timberlake performed “Rock Your Body” with his duo Janet Jackson and ended up with a dreadful moment. He accidentally pulled off Janette’s costume. Most football fans would probably still remember that the male singer revealed Jackson’s right breast. A million fans witnessed that embarrassing moment. And it took years until the names of the performers out of controversies. At that time, the FCC distracted the viewers by showcasing the five-second delays during the TV airing. It is a moment which Timberlake wants to get over with.

Super Bowl 52 will take place on the dome, a good option for the attendances. However, the weather outside is not so friendly for the viewers online.

How to Super Bowl 2018 Live Stream online

The good thing about live streaming is that you don’t have to own a high-end technology to enjoy the games online. All you need to prepare is the compatible device with the decent internet connection. You still have roughly 2 months before the show happens. Take your time to research the live streaming services available for your country. Keep in mind that a lot of services out there have clear restrictions about the area coverage. If your country or area is not covered, you could consider using VPN service to mask your IP. When you use the VPN service, the streaming provider will look you as from different area. Stick only to reputable and reliable VPN service. The last thing you want is to pay more than what you need.

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